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Welcome to Progressive Green

Progressive Green is a specialist electricity retailer specifically established as a direct result of identifying a clear retailing product offering gap in the market in the form of customer wholesale market access for both spot and forward hedging structures connected to electricity load and access to automated demand side management systems.  We provide highly competitive and innovative energy solutions for industrial and commercial business customers and are driven by optimising consumption using innovative deal structures. Unlike the traditional electricity retailing model where the Retailer is incentivised by higher customer consumption leading to higher profits, Progressive Green is driven by saving our customers money.

Our Goal

To be the market leading Retailer for Structured Product and Demand Side Management (DSM) solutions utilising customer operational and generation capabilities in order to provide innovative electricity risk management solutions for industrial and commercial customers with loads above 160MWh in order to significantly reduce electricity costs encouraging efficient use of the National Electrical Market.

To integrate renewable and sustainable energy sources into the electricity market in an efficient and cost effective way.

Our Mission

To save our customers money through optimising electricity consumption and innovative customer specific deal structure via providing customer access to the wholesale electricity market.

The Values We Operate By

Ingenuity. Partnership, Proactivity, Rigor, Synergy and Vision

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